This is my main off-road Jeep. Here is a photo of it from my first trip to the Bobcayegon Jeep Jamboree (in July 1998). It got stuck on the rock at the top of 'the hill' (I should have been more to the left!) The winch worked great!

Photo from Bobcaygeon 1998 where it got stuck on a rock:

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Current RTI score: 980 (dunlop 33's at 10lbs)

It started as 100% stock. Here are its general specs when it I got it:

Current ASM emissions report: (Connecticut, Aug 2005)
Overall Result: PASS This is the result of a good working MPFI system and a new (in 2003) three-way cat.

In 2003 Connecticut started tailpipe testing again and the new company (Agbar) screwed up the allowed standards numbers. The allowed NOx was a third of the 2000 limits and so my CJ failed (1639 PPM NOx). I was required to "fix" the CJ or the registration would be pulled...$800 later it passed. The State then found the Agbar computer error and refunded 100% of my work invoice for repairs. So now, thanks to the State of Connecticut and Agbar Technologies, I have a VERY clean running Jeep. It was good before, but now it's better than most of today's new cars! (and the old CJ has not had a tuneup in years)

Here is short list of major things I have changed or added since I got it:

Projects in progress:

Things waiting to be added (they're here just waiting for my time)

Things to add soon...maby...(mostly in order)

'Stock' repairs:

Stuff I fixed or changed then pulled out: