1985 Ferrari 308 GTS quattrovalvole

For more info see Ferrari's site.

It has all the standard options:

Here is the power curve as listed by Ferrari. I think this covers 1983 so my 1985 (and the 84) has about 2% more because of the removal of the smog pump and other small changes.

More engine tech info

I have a growing collection of service manuals and original sales material. One day maby I'll scan it in...
I did replace every outside light bulb:
WhereQuant.Old bulbNew bulb
Headlight (stock)26024H6024XV Halogen (DOT)
Headlight (new)2E-Code Hella H4+30 (Halogen/Xenon)
Rear Plate26789
Front parking26767
Front turn210731156LL
Rear park/brake410341157LL
Rear turn410731156LL
Rear backup (standard)210731156LL
Rear backup (option)2107350W Halogen

Note that each rear stop/tail and turn light has TWO duplicate bulbs.
Each backup light is still a single bulb.

And I replaced the flasher unit (ITALMEC 00.277.00) with a standard US/DOT 3 Terminal Tridon/Stant EP36 (3 Turn/6 Hazard). It works great! I can now tell when ANY of the turn bulbs burns out or fails. The stock Ferrari flasher would only indicate a failure when most of the bulbs were burnt out! All the bulbs I used are standard off-the-shelf items in your everyday auto parts super store. (execpt the E-Code H4 headlights)

Here is a list of relays used:
LocationUsePart #Type
B 29Left radiator fanBosch 0.332.014.113SPST (2x87)
C 30Right radiator fanBosch 0.332.014.113SPST (2x87)
D 99AC Right radiator fanBosch 0.332.014.113SPST (2x87)
E 87HeadlampsBosch 0.332.015.006SPSTx2 (87b)
F 83Brakes warning lightBosch 0.332.014.113SPST (2x87)
G 90Start injectorBosch 0.332.204.101SPDT (87a)
H 91Fuel pumpBosch 0.332.014.113SPST (2x87)
I 97Windows motorBosch 0.332.014.113SPST (2x87)
L 11HornBosch 0.332.014.113SPST (2x87)
M 105Headlamps motorBosch 0.332.204.101SPDT (87a)
N 75Left headlamp motorBosch 0.332.204.101SPDT (87a)
O 76Right headlamp motorBosch 0.332.204.101SPDT (87a)
124O2 protection relay07 130 612Special (OOP)
114ThrottleBosch 0.332.204.101SPDT (87a)
126CutoffBosch 0.332.204.101SPDT (87a)

I tried 5 major local auto parts places and could not find any direct replacements (some were close, but I wanted 100% correct parts). I called the local "Foreign Autopart" (860-289-9009) and they could get the exact Bosch parts.
Part NumberPrice each
Because it was a special special order there was a $4 shipping charge for the order (not per relay).

The fuse block had a burnt fuse (fuel pump). I got a new fuse block but then changed my mind and I built a new 20 ATO fuse block for it.
I like the way it looks (photo to follow)

I replaced the filter with a K&N part number 33-2518 (KNFE4V)
I got it from Martel Brothers

I replaced the old radio (non-factory anyway) with an Aiwa CDC-MP3 unit.

I replaced the coil wires (one was broken/burned out) from Partsource in Maine.

I added a dual MSD setup with rev limiters from Summit Racing.

I refinished the rims (two were a little bent) and added new Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position tires:

Insalled an Optima Red Top 75/35 battery. It fits great. I added some additional hold-down straps to guarantee the battery was not going to move. (not that it every did) The old Pep Boy's Prostart 78DT "battery" lasted 18 months, I got full credit. I think the location of the battery (heat and vibration) caused it's death. The new Optima is smaller but I already noticed the Ferrari starts faster! The larger 34/78 battery would fit, but the positive cable may not reach because the top posts are closer to the battery center than normal. Also the front/side terminals may hit the sway bar and rub (like the old prostart did). With the 75/35 the front/side terminals are higher and are over the sway bar.

O2 / Oxygen Sensor = Bosch 13009 / Walker 00562 ($123+tax)
I got the Walker part locally, It has the correct connectors.
Replace defective Jetronic computer (used one from T. Rutlands)

New Tubi exhaust system. And a "test pipe". I still pass required state emissions. I have heard that some 308's are great an run clean and others don't pass even with all required equipment.
I'm working on (or not):